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So how’s that wall coming along, Trump?  Not very good at all!  Not only is Mexico not paying for the ludicrous wall, but it looks like Republicans are not going to “invest” in the ridiculous project, considering how limited funds already are.

According to The Hill, Trump only has funding to build seven miles wall territory along the U.S.-Mexico border.  U.S. Customs and Border Protection can only afford $20 million.  According to ProPublica, the existing fence along the border costs $2.8 million per mile and reaches about 650 miles.

But Trump’s estimate was $20 billion dollars, an absurd price that even Dr. Evil would scoff at.  The entire U.S. border runs for 2,000 miles and the proposal for Trump’s billion-dollar investment was only 1,000 miles—about half.

What a waste of taxpayer money!

Trump asked for $2.6 billion for the wall in his federal budget blueprint as well as an extra $1.5 billion in a supplemental spending for a fiscal 2017.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection was thinking about building eight model walls and looking to start construction in about two years after Congress funds the project.

The GOP is highly unlikely to green light this ridiculous project considering how limited funds already are.

There is already enough turmoil among Republicans and President Trump to agree on this expensive project of all things.  And two years into Trump’s administration is, shall we say, very optimistic thinking.

So Trump supporters: How does it feel to know Donald Trump scammed you?  Mexico is not paying for the wall.  And Congress is not going to green light a wall they can’t afford.  His whole “Billion Dollar Idea”, that was the foundation of his campaign, is tumbling down.

There are simply too many expenses the government already has to justify paying for Trump’s vanity project.

So how’s that wall coming along, Trump?

It’s clear in the eyes of the American people that the wall is a failure of an idea.  Or maybe it was always a scam to get Trump elected, and in that case, Trump supporters, go cry us a river.


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