Statistics PROVE World Powers More Deadly Than ISIS
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Throughout the destructive air strikes over Syria lead by government forces, the death toll has risen at an alarming rate.

Yes, ISIS must be stopped, but what of the innocent lives caught up in the mess? Russian led bombings all across Syria are responsible for the deaths of THOUSANDS. Not to mention the new president, Donald J. Trump, is planning on collaborating with Vladimir Putin in the future to increase military force in the region.

If the United State will not stand up for the innocent women and children suffering at the hands of the world’s strongest nations then who will?

Take a look at the sickening statistics below:

Notice these statistics only show the death toll for this month. Government forces have been bombing the region for years and nobody has batted an eye at the fact that we’re responsible for more deaths than ISIS!

The Huffington Post reported:

Along with a deeply divided country, the worst income inequality since at least the 1920s, and a crumbling infrastructure, Trump will inherit a 15-year-old, apparently never-ending worldwide war. While the named enemy may be a mere emotion (“terror”) or an incendiary strategy (“terrorism”), the victims couldn’t be more real, and as in all modern wars, the majority of them are civilians.

It’s unacceptable. This is a result of American imperialism, and just as Obama has been worked the past 8 years to redeem ourselves of past actions Donald Trump swoops in to bloody our hands once again.

Donald Trump wishes to defeat ISIS. Fine. Just remember who is killing more people than they are.

How can we fix this? Well, Barack Obama was on the right track. Globalism in the answer. We’ve seen what imperialism does.

It’s time for change, and we were changing. We can only hope Trump will wake up.

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