Fmr. President Obama Comes Forward With SCATHING Response To Trumpcare, “This Bill Is Fundamentally Mean At The Core”

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Republicans have been working in secrecy for months now on repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare), but now that it’s been unveiled, Fmr. President Obama brought out the guns.

Barack Obama ripped into the Senate Leader’s healthcare plan calling it “massive transfer of wealth from middle-class and poor families to the richest people in America.”

Obama couldn’t be more correct.

“Simply put, if there’s a chance you might get sick, get old, or start a family – this bill will do you harm,” Obama wrote in a Facebook post. “And small tweaks over the course of the next couple weeks, under the guise of making these bills easier to stomach, cannot change the fundamental meanness at the core of this legislation.”

The former President forwarned Republican congressmen against being too hasty in repealing his Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as ObamaCare.

“I recognize that repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act has become a core tenet of the Republican Party,” Obama wrote.

“Still, I hope that our Senators, many of whom I know well, step back and measure what’s really at stake, and consider that the rationale for action, on health care or any other issue, must be something more than simply undoing something that Democrats did.”

Obama’s comments came hours after Senate GOP leaders unveiled their version of bill to repeal and replace large parts of the ACA. House Republicans passed their version of the bill early last month.

GOP Senate leaders revealed their bill to repeal and replace larger segments of ObamaCare, just hours afterward is when Fmr. President Obama chimed in.

The GOP’s bill demands major cuts to Medicaid, and will reverse ObamaCare’s requirement for all individuals to purchase health insurance.

You can read Obama’s Facebook post below:



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    ?Customized facts walkthrough
    Tailor made facts
    Lengthen Facter by producing your private tailor made facts to deliver info to Puppet.
    Adding personalized facts to Facter
    In some cases you will need to be able to jot down conditional expressions dependant on site-specific knowledge that just isn’t attainable by means of Facter, or perhaps you’d like to include it within a template.
    Since you can’t include arbitrary Ruby code in the manifests, the optimum alternative is to incorporate a new fact to Facter. These even more facts can then be distributed to Puppet clients and are presented for use in manifests and templates, just like any other fact would be.
    Note: Facter 3.0 removed the Ruby implementations of some elements and replaced them having a personalized facts API. Any tailor made fact that requires 1 from the Ruby information previously stored in lib/facter/util will fail by having an error. For extra answers, see the Facter 3.0 release notes .
    The concept
    You’re able to insert new facts by crafting snippets of Ruby code to the Puppet master. Puppet then takes advantage of Plugins in Modules to distribute the facts to the client.
    Loading customized facts
    Facter features a number of methods of loading facts:
    $LOAD\_PATH. or the Ruby library load path
    The –custom-dir command line option.
    The environment variable ‘FACTERLIB’
    It is easy to use these methods of loading facts to do things like take a look at documents locally before distributing them, otherwise you can arrange to have a specified list of facts around on certain machines.
    By using the Ruby load path
    Facter searches all directories with the Ruby $LOAD_PATH variable for subdirectories named ‘facter’, and loads all Ruby information in those directories. If you ever had some directory into your $LOAD_PATH like
    /lib/ruby. established like this:
    Facter would try to load ‘facter/system_load.rb’, ‘facter/users.rb’, and ‘facter/rackspace.rb’.
    Choosing the –custom-dir command line option
    Facter can take different –custom-dir methods to the command line that specifies only one directory to search for personalized facts. Facter attempts to load all Ruby data files with the specified directories. This enables you to definitely do something like this:
    Making use of the FACTERLIB environment variable
    Facter also checks the environment variable FACTERLIB for a delimited (semicolon for Windows and colon for all other platforms) list of directories, and tries to load all Ruby information in those directories. This helps you to definitely do something like this:
    Note: Changes in built-in pluginsync aid in Facter 3
    Facter two.four deprecated Facter’s service for loading facts by means of Puppet’s pluginsync (the -p option), and Facter 3.0.0 removed the -p option. However, we reversed this decision in Facter 3.0.two and re-enabled the -p option. For details about recent and foreseeable future service for this option, see the Facter 3.0.two release notes .
    Two parts of every fact
    Setting aside external facts for now, most facts have at least two aspects:
    A call to Facter.increase(‘fact_name’). which determines the name with the fact
    A setcode statement for straight forward resolutions, which is evaluated to determine the fact’s value.
    Facts can get a lot much more complicated than that, but those two together are just about the most everyday implementation of the tailor made fact.
    Executing shell commands in facts
    Puppet gets knowledge about a process from Facter, also, the most general way for Facter to get that answers is by executing shell commands. You might then parse and manipulate the output from those commands employing standard Ruby code. The Facter API gives you a couple of ways to execute shell commands:
    If all you must do is run the command and make use of the output, verbatim, as your fact’s value, it is possible to pass the command into setcode directly. For example: setcode ‘uname –hardware-platform’
    If your fact is considerably more complicated than that, it is possible to call Facter::Core::Execution.exec(‘uname –hardware-platform’) from within just the setcode do … conclusion block. As always, whatever the setcode statement returns is second hand because the fact’s value.
    In any case, remember that your shell command is usually a Ruby string, so you’ll might need to escape special characters any time you wish to pass them through.
    It is important to note that not everything that performs inside of the terminal will get the job done in the fact . You’ll utilize the pipe ( | ) and similar operators as you normally would, but Bash-specific syntax like if statements will not give good results. The perfect way to handle this limitation is to write down your conditional logic in Ruby.
    Let’s say you require to get the output of uname –hardware-platform to one out a specified type of workstation. To do this, you would construct a new tailor made fact. Start off by giving the fact a name, in such a case, hardware_platform. and formulate your new fact in the file, hardware_platform.rb. for the Puppet master server:
    You can easily then utilize the instructions inside Plugins in Modules site to copy the new fact into a module and distribute it. During your next Puppet run, the value within the new fact will be to choose from to implement as part of your manifests and templates.
    By using other facts
    You are able to generate a fact that makes use of other facts by accessing Facter.value(:somefact). If the fact fails to resolve or is just not existing, Facter returns nil .
    Configuring facts
    Facts have a couple of properties you can use to customize how facts are evaluated.
    Confining facts
    A person with the a great deal more commonly made use of properties is the confine statement, which restricts the fact to only run on programs that matches another given fact.
    An example with the confine statement would be something like the following:
    This fact takes advantage of sysfs on linux to get a list in the power states that are attainable to the given scheme. Since this is only in existence on Linux solutions, we utilize the confine statement to ensure that this fact isn’t needlessly run on units that really do not aid this type of enumeration.
    Fact precedence
    Only one fact can have many different resolutions . each and every of which is usually a different way of ascertaining what the value in the fact should be. It is very normal to have different resolutions for different operating techniques, for example. It is simple and easy to confuse facts and resolutions for the reason that they are superficially identical – to incorporate a new resolution to the fact, you simply include the fact again, only using a different setcode statement.
    When a fact has over just one resolution, the for starters resolution that returns a value other than nil will established the fact’s value. The way that Facter decides the issue of resolution precedence is the weight property. Once Facter rules out any resolutions that are excluded merely because of confine statements, the resolution with the highest weight is evaluated to begin with. If that resolution returns nil. Facter moves on to the next resolution (by descending weight) until it gets a value for your fact.
    By default, the weight of the fact is the variety of confines for that resolution, so that a lot more unique resolutions takes priority over less certain resolutions.
    Execution timeouts
    Facter two.x supported a :timeout option to Facter#add. Facter no longer supports this option, and produces a warning if it is put to use.
    Although this version of Facter does not aid overall timeouts on resolutions, it is easy to pass a timeout to Facter::Core::Execution#execute :
    Structured facts
    As the norm is for a fact to return just one string, Facter two.0 introduced structured facts . which take the variety of either a hash or an array. All you must have to do to make a structured fact is return a hash or an array from the setcode statement. You’re able to see some relevant examples inside the crafting structured facts section of your Fact Overview .
    Aggregate resolutions
    If your fact brings together the output of a few different commands, it may make feeling to utilise aggregate resolutions . An aggregate resolution is split into “chunks”, each and every just one responsible for resolving 1 piece on the fact. After all belonging to the chunks have been resolved separately, they’re combined into just one flat or structured fact and returned.
    Aggregate resolutions have several key differences compared to relatively easy resolutions, beginning with the fact declaration. To introduce an aggregate resolution, you’ll have to increase the :type => :aggregate parameter:
    Every single step within the resolution then gets its individual named chunk statement:
    In a very painless resolution, the code always contains a setcode statement that determines the fact’s value. Aggregate resolutions never have a setcode statement. Instead, they have an optional aggregate block that brings together the chunks. Whatever value the aggregate block returns will be the fact’s value. Here’s an example that just brings together the strings from the two chunks higher than:
    If the chunk blocks either all return arrays or all return hashes, you might omit the aggregate block. If you should do, Facter mechanically merges all of your knowledge into one particular array or hash and use that since the fact’s value.
    For much more examples of aggregate resolutions, see the aggregate resolutions section in the Fact Overview webpage.
    Viewing fact values
    If your Puppet master(s) are configured to make use of PuppetDB. you’ll be able to watch and search all from the facts for any node, together with custom made facts. See the PuppetDB docs for far more info.
    External facts
    What are external facts?
    External facts provide you with a way to make use of arbitrary executables or scripts as facts, or established facts statically with structured details. If you’ve ever wanted to write down a custom made fact in Perl, C, or a one-line textual content file, this is how.
    Fact locations
    The optimum way to distribute external facts is with pluginsync, which included service for them in Puppet 3.four /Facter two.0.1. To insert external facts to your Puppet modules, just destination them in <MODULEPATH>/<MODULE>/facts.d/ .
    If you’re not by using pluginsync, then external facts must go inside a standard directory. The location of this directory varies counting on your operating model, whether your deployment takes advantage of Puppet Organization or open source releases, and whether you happen to be working as root/Administrator. When calling facter from the command line, you can actually specify the external facts directory with the –external-dir option.
    Note: These directories never necessarily exist by default; you may really want to develop them. Any time you build the directory, make sure to restrict entry so that only Administrators can generate to the directory.
    In a very module (recommended):
    On Unix/Linux/OS X, there are three directories:
    On Windows 2003:
    When functioning as a non-root / non-Administrator consumer:
    Executable facts – Unix
    Executable facts on Unix show results by dropping an executable file into the standard external fact path previously mentioned. A shebang is always required for executable facts on Unix. If the shebang is missing, the execution on the fact will fail.
    An example external fact written in Python:
    You must ensure that the script has its execute bit established:
    For Facter to parse the output, the script must return key/value pairs on STDOUT within the format:
    Employing this format, an individual script can return numerous facts.
    Executable facts – Windows
    Executable facts on Windows perform by dropping an executable file into the external fact path for the version of Windows. Unlike with Unix, the external facts interface expects Windows scripts to close along with a known extension. Line endings is usually either LF or CRLF. With the moment the following extensions are supported:
    .com and .exe. binary executables
    .bat and .cmd. batch scripts
    .ps1. PowerShell scripts
    As with Unix facts, every script must return key/value pairs on STDOUT on the format:
    Utilizing this format, only one script can return many different facts in a single return.
    Batch scripts
    The file encoding for .bat/.cmd information must be ANSI or UTF8 without BOM (Byte Order Mark), otherwise you may get strange output.
    Right here is really a sample batch script which outputs facts making use of the required format:
    PowerShell scripts
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    json. JSON knowledge, inside of the following format:
    txt. Key value pairs, with the following format:
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