Conservative Concealed Carry Activist Who Called For Firearms On Campus Gunned Down
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How do Conservatives make it in life with such narrow minded beliefs? This is the way it usually turns out for them, and they hate the truth. So, they do the only thing they know how to do: Ignore it.

20-year-old Tarak Underiner, a Ohio State University student, lost his life when he was gunned down in Columbus, Ohio at home early in the morning on Friday.

From US Uncut:

A college student who advocated for students to be allowed to carry concealed weapons on campus for self-defense was recently shot and killed in his home.

20-year-old Tarak Andrew Underiner, a senior at Ohio State University, was shot to death in his Columbus, Ohio home early Friday morning, becoming the city’s first homicide victim of 2017. The Columbus Dispatch reported that Underiner had been shot “several times,” and was pronounced dead at 12:41 AM, shortly after his roommate called 911.

“My friend has been shot. In my residence, in his room. I’m freaking out,” the roommate said on the call, according to the Dispatch.

In addition to his studies in marketing and Spanish, Underiner was known for his pro-concealed carry adovcacy, and was a member of Ohio State’s Students for Concealed Carry chapter. In late November, Underiner testified at the Ohio state capitol in favor of House Bill 48, which eased restrictions on where concealed carry permit holders could have firearms — including college campuses. While House Bill 48 itself wasn’t signed into law, Ohio Governor John Kasich did sign similar legislation into law, which included the same language easing restrictions on “gun-free zones.”

“College campuses and the areas surrounding them present environments rich with potential victims,” Underiner said in a Senate committee hearing. “They’re willing to gamble. We’re unarmed and it pays off.”

Even after this, and the proof of LESS mass shooting in the gun-free UK, conservatives will continue their senseless efforts to end gun-free zones.

How many times does this have to happen for them to understand that Americans have no use for weapons in public other than taking a life?

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