Obama Soars In Exit Approval Ratings – America Is Shocked
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Republicans claim President Barack Obama is the single worst president the United States has ever seen. However, they have no statistical data to back that up. In fact, the data that is out there goes against their claims, and they’re furious about it.

Last month President Obama received at least a 48 percent approval rating from the polls compiled by Real Clear Politics and averaged a 53.6 approval rating. Obama’s disapproval rating fell as low as 36 percent with an average of 42 percent.

See the chart below:

Obama’s exit approval ratings are considerable higher than the previous president’s. George W. Bush left office with an ebarrassing approval rating of 29 percent and a disapproval of 67 percent! So, who’s the worst president? Not Obama, that’s for sure.

As the Liberal Society reported:

‘But Obama doesn’t fare as well when compared to the last Democratic president before him. In Gallup’s final poll of December 2000, Bill Clinton had a 66 percent approval rating and a 32 percent disapproval rating.”

President Obama’s approval numbers are a lot higher than President-elect Donald Trump’s, naturally.

While that statistic has Republicans and conservatives alike pulling out their hair, these next numbers really push them over the edge.

President Barack Obama has HIGHER approval ratings than President-elect Donald Trump’s favorable ratings. Trump’s highest ratings were 50 percent after winning the election in November, and that percentage is only expected to decrease throughout his presidency.

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