United Nations Slams Trump On Twitter…The Whole World Is Laughing At Him
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Donald Trump just can’t seem to keep his fat lips shut. First it was a national problem, but soon enough it will be a international problem.

The arrogant and hot-headed President-elect just took a stand against the United Nations on Twitter. Yes, Donald Trump just insulted the very organization that promotes international co-operation. What good can come out of this?

Two hours later, the UN tweeted a list of things they do to make the world a better place. In other words, Donald Trump just made a fool of himself on Twitter for the whole world to see. THIS is the president we’re going to have to deal with these next 4 years.

Occupy Democrats reported:

Donald Trump recently took a shot at the United Nations, calling it “just a club for people to have a good time” in a tweet. It appears to have been in response to the United Nations Security Council approving a resolution demanding that Israel immediately halt their illegal construction of settlements in Palestinian land.

Trump’s Republican overlords told him that this was bad for Israel, so he took to Twitter to complain about it, in an immature and entirely pathetic attempt to delegitimize the world’s largest multilateral diplomatic organization.

Not two hours later, the United Nations’ Twitter account replied with some cold hard facts about the incredible work that the United Nations, its executive committee agencies (United Nation’s Children’s Fund, the World Food Program, United Nation Development Program, and the United Nations Population Fund) and dozens of smaller branch organizations like the World Health Organization and the UN Refugee Agency, do for billions of people around the world.

A small-minded and self-obsessed vulgarian who uses his own charity organization to launder money through and to buy himself paintings of himself is incapable of even conceiving how much work that more than fifty thousand UN employees do every year, fighting epidemics of disease and monitoring the effects of climate change and providing for the basic needs of people left behind by selfish capitalists and the strongarm dictators that Trump worships.

UN aid workers put their lives in danger to deliver medicine and food to starving civilians in war zones across the world, only to die when Trump’s best friend Vladimir Putin rain bombs on their aid convoys. The men of UN peacekeeping missions have spent years battling terrorism in Somalia and keeping the fledgling government – the first since 1991 – afloat, as well as helping to prevent genocide in the Central African Republic and Burundi. When natural disaster strikes in far-away nations, the United Nations is on the ground, setting up relief camps, digging people out of the rubble, administering first aid, delivering food aid to the homeless.

Something needs to be done about this guy. He’s already tearing this country apart with his arrogance. Not only will he destroy our economy, but he will also destroy the friendships we’ve made with other countries with his petty insults.

It’s true that not everything UN does is successful, and sometimes their actions propose problems. However, the good they do far out weighs the bad. Trump couldn’t be more incorrect by claiming the UN is a “a club for people to have a good time”. Maybe Trump, the privileged billionaire and rapist, should spend some time in a refugee camp. Perhaps then he will see what the world is really like when he doesn’t have a silver spoon to hold.

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  1. suzanne guttsen

    Not only is he ineliligible for the presidency in several areas of the constitution, he is degrading both Nato and United Nations . America is outraged and afraid by his tweets and fake (only two) press conferences which included his famous word salad, fake audience members, and a Russian lawyer to define our American Constitution. He has an obsessive hatred of the press and EVERYTHING about Obama, or anything Obama accomplished in his Presidency. The repeal of ACA will literally kill many American people and yet our higher powers in the government stand silent. The press has been thrown out of the White House, he WILL run his businesses which include many foreign entities which, of course includes Russia. He demands total secrecy regarding his actions. Now he hints at repealing a huge sanction of 500 million dollars, it may be billion! Do you really believe the truth about Trump’s actions and collusion with Russia can EVER be known to the US once this happens? He and a staff members continue to maintain their close relationship with Putin. We are all in serious trouble. The press is doing what they can. When is the intelligence community going to step in? They have enough just in constitutional law to remove him today. Not only has he made our country an embarassment worldwide, they no longer trust us an Americans no longer trust their government.

  2. Ben Davidson

    Well, now is a time for the President elect to get busy and do all of the wonderful things he promised during the election. Give him credit for one thing. He did drain the swamp…..into the presidential cabinet. Yeah, really. Now he criticizes the United Nations. According to my recollection they have done some good things during the 63 years that I have observed them. What has Donald done? Nothing but bitch, bitch, bitch and talk about how wonderful he is. SAD !!

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