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Never in the history of the United States have we had a president so unpopular as Donald Trump.

It’s come to the point where Trump is looking for people to perform at his inauguration, and his luck has been bad. Not even high school marching bands want any involvement.

Occupy Democrats reported:

It is obvious that the school administration (and no doubt both students and parents) are ethically opposed to Trump, and want nothing to do with swearing him in come January. The Presidential Inaugural Committee would not comment on the amount of applications to perform that were received, as it is doubtful there were many. The application deadline actually had to be extended by a full week, most likely due to lack of replies. Music Celebrations International marketing director Luke Wiscombe described the response as “crickets,” with schools in neighboring Virginia also rejecting the opportunity. “We didn’t get the response that we got the last time, with Obama. Some groups responded, but with some groups it was crickets,” he said.

Also notably, D.C.’s Different Drummers, which is part of The Lesbian and Gay Band Assocation were unafraid to speak out on why they are opting out of parade. The reason is disturbing—it is because they fear for their safety among the hateful droves of Trump supporters. One of the band’s directors described his fears for the band, saying, “While the parade route itself should be a safe zone, we cannot hope to guarantee our safety while traveling, while rehearsing in public or while out and about in the D.C. area during the weekend,” he continued. “All minorities are at risk and any opportunity we give the new administration to co-opt a minority organization will likely be exploited to our detriment.”

So who was Donald Trump able to secure for the main event of the inauguration, the singing of the national anthem, considering that even students—who wait years at the chance at this type of opportunity—are flat out rejecting him? Of course, Trump would never be able to lock-in real talent, like Beyonce, who performed for Obama four years ago. No, Trump had to dig into the trenches of reality TV, an area he actually has expertise in, to poach a sixteen-year-old runner-up of “America’s Got Talent.”

Trump is already a national embarrassment. The President-elect can’t even get an adult to sing the national anthem for him. Nor can he get children to play in their bands. It’s pathetic. Donald Trump is clearly the most disliked president we’ve ever seen.

To think for a second this man was elected fairly would be ridiculous. We’re a democracy! It simply doesn’t make logical sense that somebody so disliked as Donald Trump would be elected. Instead, something shady must have gone down behind the people’s backs.


  1. Richard Warren

    Nothing shady went on in the actual election. The Russian interference was of the nature of influencing public opinion, but had nothing to do with the casting or counting of votes. What happened is that Trump won a majority of the votes in enough states to gain a majority of the delegates to the electoral college. But that is how every American presidential election has worked, from Day One. What happened is that the Trump campaign understood and took advantage of the electoral college system, while the Clinton campaign had an obviously very poor strategy for using the existing system or preventing Trump from exploiting it. Ironically, that is the very same error, made at the general election level, that the Clinton campaign and the DNC accused the Bernie Sanders campaign of making at the primary election level. Clinton won that contest because of equally undemocratic rules of how Democrats elect delegates to their national convention and because the Sanders campaign had no effective strategy for overcoming the pro-Clinton bias of those rules.

  2. George Tyree

    sir your’re correct that there were no wrong doing in the actual voting process. The majority of Americans voted for a woman president. The persons who voted for Trump were totally misled by
    a male who brought out the worse conduct a person could exhibit. Racial undertones, violence, abuse of women and male dominance went to the voting booth. Scary thought huh😬😬
    We have a dysfunctional society.

    • Tj

      Actually, there was wrongdoing by Trump, Putin, Comey and others and Bernie helped, I find lying reprehensible. They altered reality. They created fear. They stole the election,

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