George Takei DESTROYS Donald Trump On Twitter
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Information hit the internet recently revealing some disturbing but uncertain reports on “compromising information” the Russian FSB could be using to blackmail the President-elect. The information includes an unconfirmed report that Donald Trump may have hired prostitutes to urinate on a bed at the Ritz-Carlton in Moscow before President Obama slept in it. The act was filmed by Russian security.

As expected, it was only a matter of time before somebody took to Twitter to give Trump a tough time. Famed actor and LGBT activist George Takei took the opportunity to mock Trump.

Though it may be slightly childish to crack several jokes at the President-elect’s expense, Trump certainly doesn’t deserve better. After months on listening to his hateful rhetoric and his absurd attacks used in attempt to delegitimize Obama based on his skin color, it’s rather difficult to think Trump should be given a chance.

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