Dan Rather’s Farewell To Obama Brings Tears To Many
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Dan Rather, a famed journalist, released a response to President Obama’s farewell address, and it’s gone viral. Through social media Rather has brought tears to many in his legendary analysis of Barack’s address.

See it below:

Whatever you think of the presidency of Barack Obama, and I know there are many who think of him as one of our greatest presidents and others with a distinctly differing opinion, I think we can all safely say he was unlike any man who has ever occupied the office of President of the United States. And I cannot imagine anyone quite like him in the future.

Tonight we saw a man of dignity, chastened by the reality of Washington and speaking in the shadows of a presidential election that leaves his legacy deeply threatened and seems to still be spiraling into uncharted territory. This was not the young Senator who bounded upon the world stage with unbridled optimism in a belief we could easily overcome all that divides us. This was a man humbled by experience, but still summoning a deep faith in the basic strength of our democratic traditions. He spoke of the accomplishments of which he was most proud, but he then shifted into a remarkable stretch where he highlighted all the challenges ahead. He almost sounded like a candidate for office, undoubtedly frustrated by the forces he felt were arrayed against him.

He spoke deeply about race, the undercurrent that coursed beneath his presidency as it has through all of American history. He spoke sympathetically of white Americans who feel worried and marginalized, but he then turned forcibly to a sense of all the racial progress left to be done and an inclusive outreach to immigrants. It was one America, perhaps without some of the naivete of his famed speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention. It seems to me that this will be his message going forward, combatting what he called the “great sorting” of self-isolation according to cultural, region, religious, and ethnic lines.

One of his biggest applause line was that “science and reason matter.” He spoke passionately about his worry for a nation that increasingly assigns the notions of “facts” to partisan battle. And his section on climate change, the shamefully ignored issue of the last election, was particularly strong. It was a section that resonated with me personally, a belief that science and reason must be the path forward for our nation to thrive and prosper. It echoed a quote I just saw from Thomas Jefferson: “In a republican nation whose citizens are to be led by reason and persuasion and not by force, the art of reasoning becomes of first importance.”

How will history judge this man and his tenure is a question none of us can fully answer. It depends not only what has happened but on what has yet to occur. And I suspect President Obama will have a hand, a strong hand, in shaping this destiny.

I couldn’t agree more. President Barack Obama was truly a legendary President who will be missed dearly. You can see Rather’s full post below:


  1. Victoria

    I am grateful to have lived at this time in history. My father would have been extremely proud to have known President Obama led us for eight years.
    My heart is broken now, to see what our country is regressing to.
    I wished ALL the past Presidents could stand up to Congress and the Senate and tell them to “SNAP OUT OF IT!!!!”
    We are in for a scarey, deadly future😔

  2. cheryl

    Remarkable individuals always come for a time in our lives. Its’ the time spent which is the blessing. However, we have to be open to change and willing to be disciplined to accept others with differences from our opinions. I totally endorse what is said. Love America for accepting and being the melting pot that it is. God Bless America!

  3. Carol Alaman Sanford

    I too feel blessed to have lived in this moment and my children are mature and thirst for knowledge. We appreciate the true dedication and complete selflessness of this humble yet giant man.
    His integrity is unparalleled as will be his legacy. May GOD BLESS and KEEP YOU PRESIDENT BARRACK OBAMA, from this day forward❗❤🙏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  4. Audrey Mason

    I have been honored to be a citizen under this great man. He is smart, funny, a great Father and even better husband. I went to sleep every night knowing that he had my back. I have not slept well since the election. To see such a great man leave his legacy to such a awful man is heartbreaking. Thank you Barrack and Michelle for everything. It has been my honor.

  5. Wanda Morgan

    I can’t help but feel that he will be counted among the best of the presidents. Time will tell. However, one thing I can say with conviction–he has demonstrated what a man should be. I just hope that boys will take that model to heart. Perhaps some men who are no longer boys (at least in years) may use his example as a way to improve on their attitudes about their families–their wives and children. He will probably not come again!

  6. Mary Deichmann

    I will greatly miss President Obama, Michelle. Malia, and Sasha!! What a wonderful man and so happy that I got to shake his hand in Iowa when he was campaigning for President. Don’t know if I will ever see another President in my lifetime who has half as much integrity and character as this man!!

  7. Patricia West

    I am a proud Mother to the greatest son in the world. When my son turned 21, 9 nears ago on November 4th it was also the date he was first able to vote for President of the United States. I voted early so I could be with him to celebrate the milestones he was to take part in that day, I lived in the great New England State of Connecticut, and he was living in Tennessee. I flew down to be with him for his birthday, but more importantly to bring him to vote. It was an emotional day and I was so happy to be by his side to vote for the great Barack Obama. I was so proud of my son he is truly a man for All Seasons. A reminder of a young Barack Obama. He still has dreams and hopes as I do for him. My hope is that he will get the opportunity to fulfill them. I am glad he had the chance to vote for the first bi-racial president of our Great United States. It was important for me because Barack and my son have something in common – that of being bi-racial. He was brought up as I am sure Barack was. I am grateful that he had a President in his lifetime to be proud of, and I am too. My prayer is that this great country will not regress to hatred and fears. I would like to thank President Obama, Michelle and Malia and Sasha for being a family that we can be proud of. I wish you the best in your future may they be filled with love and happiness.

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