CIA Has “Credible” Claims Supporting The Existence Of A Second Trump Sex Tape
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Trump has scandals of his own that he’ll be bring into the White House. It’s absurd our country has become so corrupt to the point such a man could be allowed in office. All the arrows point to the same place: Trump has connections with Russian, and it’s suspected they interfered with our election so that he’d come out on top.

However, the Russian seem to have back-stabbed the President-elect, blackmailing him with a sex tape recorded by Russian security.

Occupy Democrats reported:

This morning, reporter Paul Wood spoke to BBC Radio 4 and revealed the following information:


The Ritz-Carlton incident allegedly involves Donald Trump paying prostitutes to urinate on a bed once slept in by President Obama and First Lady Michelle in a petty act of vengeance from Obama’s mocking of Trump at the 2013 White House Correspondents’ Dinner; the St. Petersberg incident refers to an alleged orgy with still more Russian prostitutes. The Federal Security Service (FSB) allegedly has film and audio of both incidents.

Of course Trump angrily took to Twitter to deny all accusations labeling it ‘fake news’. You see, whenever Trump catches wind about news that makes him looks bad, he claims it’s fake, but what do you expect from a man like him?


  1. cboo

    He is sick in the head and not fit to be POTUS

    • Mick

      First of all, Mr Trump is not a man, he goes forward as a parasite, and Not Our President, more so as Parasite of the United States, without a moral compass, that is to bring more bigotry, treachery who thinks Our lives is a fuckin’ game show. Mr trump is a hypocrate, who is about destroying as many lives as he can as fast as he can. repealling the Affordable Care Act, screws millions of his own supporters. I believe all that talk, is about Mr Trump’s racist profile. And now a real pig, who pees on whores, trying to make Melania jealous

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