BREAKING: Here Is Photographic PROOF That FBI Director Comey Was Openly Supporting Donald Trump (PHOTOS)
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Sunday morning a Facebook user named Chris Grimm posted a photo of what is purportedly FBI Director James Comey’s home is Westport, Connecticut, and there in his lawn is a Donald Trump/Mike Pence yard sign.

Grimm, along with the photo, posted the following:

FBI Director James Comey’s house is Westport Connecticut. Share, if you think that Comey was trying to swing the election to Trump. (Absolutely undoctored photo. I took it myself. I live a mile away.)

Now of course, the front yard to that home seems open and accessible, so theoretically, anyone could have placed it there. That said, Grimm drove by and took the photo, and the sign was there. You would think Comey’s home would have security of some sort, or the people who live there would remove the sign.

Comey has caused outrage in democratic circles after releasing a letter to Congress that effectively reopened the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. Sen. Harry Reid has gone as far to suggest Comey violated the Hatch Act, which forbids government employees from interfering in elections.

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