Bill Clinton STOPS Playing Nice, CRUSHES Trump With One BRUTAL Sentence (VIDEO)
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Former president Bill Clinton appeared on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, and had quite a few things to say about Donald Trump!

Noah asked how Hillary Clinton wass feeling on her first day back campaigning, after taking a few days off when she appeared to nearly faint during a service at the 9/11 memorial in Manhattan.

President Clinton downplayed the incident, reporting she was great and adding, ‘big deal, she had pneumonia. People get it all the time,’ including, he noted, someone at a recent rally President Obama held in Philly on Hillary Clinton’s behalf – an incident caught by cable news networks covering that Obama speech.

Noah then asked Bill to describe the difference between his wife and Trump, Bill said, ‘Most of her strongest supporters have either worked for her or done business with him.’ BOOM!

Bill continued, ‘America has come so far. We’re less racist, sexist, homophobic and anti specific religions than we used to be. We have one remaining bigotry: We don’t want to be around anyone who disagrees with us.’ When the crowd laughed, Clinton was quick to add, ‘The crowd’s laughing, but they didn’t laugh loud because they know I’m telling the truth.’

Noah asked Clinton about a theme of the contentious campaign: ‘More of the same or do you want an outsider, a man who doesn’t believe in logic and ideas? Someone who thinks differently?’

‘That’s actually accurate,’ said Clinton.


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