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    President Obama Takes Matters Into His Own Hands, Launches This Investigation Into Trump

    The Obama administration isn’t leaving until justice is seen. President Obama and his administration is reviewing the Democratic Coalition’s report that highlights 10 “clear links” that the FBI disgracefully failed to look in to concerning the President-elect’s ties with Russia, and more importantly, ties to Putin’s regime. They’re calling it “The Dworkin Report”. “The FBI […]

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    Wisconsin Admitted To Using Fake Votes To Aid Trump, Spread This Fast!

    Back before election day there was breaking news regarding the widespread voter machine hacking, which was dismissed by Donald Trump. Well, now things have gotten more disturbing. 3 Wisconsin counties admit they used voter fraud to help Donald Trump win the election. That’s right, Donald Trump is an illegitimate president. Occupy Democrats writes that “A […]

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    New Polls Suggest Barack Obama Is The Most Popular Pres. Of All Time

    It’s been a wonderful and productive 8 years with President Barack Obama at the head of our nation. We have come so far as a society under his wisdom and guidance. However, his work must endure the imminent threat, Donald Trump. We, the people of the United States, will be gaining a new citizen at […]

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    Trump On Equality: “You Can’t Say [People] Are All Created Equal”

    Recently a New York Times transcript from 2009 was unearthed of the art critic Deborah Soloman interviewing Donald Trump. Deborah asked Trump about the phrase “All men are created equal”, which is a principle that serves as the foundation of American society. Trump’s answer is unsettling. Donald Trump, now the president-elect, said he didn’t care […]

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    The Most Successful President Since FDR Ends On A High Note

    Donald Trump is taking the White House in just a matter of days now, and he doesn’t have the public on his side. Donald Trump is perhaps the least approved president since modern polling. Of course Trump is doing the only thing he knows and claiming these polls are “rigged”. Well, then apparently the entire […]

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    Jimmy Kimmel Proves Republicans’ Obamacare Attacks Are BullSh*t

    Jimmy Kimmel took to the streets to prove to the country that most attacks towards Obamacare by Republicans aren’t backed with facts. Obamacare is just the more common name for the Affordable Care Act (ACA), but thanks to Kimmel, he shows us that most Americans STILL don’t know that. One woman reportedly says she “doesn’t support […]