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    ‘Trump Wall’ Super Bowl Ad Was Censored – Here’s The FULL Version

    Many people watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials, and while humor lacked this year, companies were trying to bring attention to issues our country is facing. However, one of the commercials was censored and wasn’t able to convey the message intended, although many Americans suspected where it was going. The 84 Lumber commercial […]

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    Poll: Should Milo Yiannopoulos Be Shut Down For Hate Speech?

    Milo Yiannopoulos, a famed fascist speaker and former editor for Breit Bart, is calling for his supporters to sign a petition that will be submitted to the Oval Office. It is disturbing that alt-right fascists have developed the nerve to even try to silence ANTIFA (Anti Fascism). However, considering the President of the United States’ […]

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    Congress Considers Impeachment After Trump’s Muslim Ban Kills U.S. Residents

    One week ago President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning immigrants from selected countries from entering the United States. The results of this immigration ban haven’t been beneficial to our country in the slightest. Numerous Americans have been left for dead in foreign countries as they were denied access to the States despite showing their […]

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    Contractor Just Slammed Trump After Being Asked To Build The Wall

    Similar to Donald Trump in profession, the billionaire real estate developer Jorge Pérez has decline a recent offer from President Trump to build the infamous border wall. The contractor based in Miami, Florida referred to Trump’s project as “the most idiotic thing I have ever seen.” Jorge Pérez and Donald Trump, both being real estate developers, have […]

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    Trump Is Livid After Latest Polls Reveal Who Americans Want As President

    We knew President Trump was a scam. The amount evidence against Trump’s election was abundant, and judging by the uproar on Nov. 8th, it’s clear President Trump was never supposed to happen. Americans want answers. The numbers you’re about to see prove Donald Trump had no chance of getting elected, unless he had a little […]

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    Russia Tests The Waters By Slaughting Dozens Of Ukrainians – Trump Silent

    President Donald Trump and Russia’s Vladimir Putin continue their friendship amidst a massive killing of Ukrainians in a new military assault by Russia. It seems President Trump is inclined to allow Putin to do what he wants after Putin helped him get elected via hacking. The Trump administration is currently facing their first foreign policy […]

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    Americans Just Slammed Trump After He Tried To Privatize Public Land

    We’ve won another huge victory. The Trump administration tried to take away the land we enjoy by privatizing it. However, the people stood up for what is there and denied the government’s actions. What would the United States be if nearly all the land had “No Trespassing” sign in front of it? Well, I can […]