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    Trump Goes BERSERK With Delusional Tweets Revealing Signs Of Mental Illness

    Perhaps Trump feels provoked by the massive amounts of criticism he receives daily. The realization of his impending downfall could be enough to trigger mental illness. Progress Tribune reported: Trump unilaterally set aside the testimonies of two former Obama Administration officials, announcing “the Russia-Trump collusion story is a total hoax.” Trump also said that former […]

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    Trump Admin Scrambles To Remove Embarrassing Photos Leaked On The Internet

    Everybody knows Trump is extremely hypersensitive and insecure in the way he’s publicly viewed. Unfortunately for him it’s too late to stop the world from seeing these images. Video and photographs show Wilbur Ross, the Secretary of Commerce, bored out of his mind taking a snooze during the President’s horrid speech.   Secretary of Commerce […]

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    Pope CONDEMNS Donald Trump For Claiming To Be A Man of God

    Trump doesn’t seem to have made any friends during his presidency. Instead the amount of criticism he receives is growing rapidly. Where is President Trump receiving flak? His executive order to ban travel from several Muslim countries, and the Pope refuses to let him misrepresent the Christian faith. From Progress Tribune: Politicians on both sides of […]

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    ‘Non Partisan’ Fox News Forced To REMOVE False Conspiracy Story

    Surprised? Fox News, and especially Sean Hannity, is known for bring air-headed politicians and public figures onto their shows to spread rumors and blatantly false conspiracies. Take this fake Seth Rich story for example.  From The Hill Fox News on Tuesday retracted a story regarding the 2016 killing of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich […]

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    Remember When “Dealmaker” Trump ‘Saved’ All Those Jobs At Carrier? Wait Until You See What JUST Happened

    Remember the Carrier plant Donald Trump claimed to have ‘convinced’ not to move to Mexico? Recent reports reveal they’ll be laying off hundreds of workers. Isn’t it funny? Trump claims to be ‘Making America Great Again’, yet he’s doing absolutely nothing for the economy. Left Scoop reported: The Indianapolis furnace plant pledged to stay in […]

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    Trump Was Just Caught Being a Total ANIMAL To Melania [WATCH]

    Donald Trump, America’s excuse of a president has been criticized for his behavior repeatedly, and the only one ever speaking positively about the man is himself. ‘President’ Trump, the man who thinks groping is acceptable, is not a man at all when it comes to the true meaning of the word. Trump will never learn. […]

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    TRILLION Dollar Sabotage — Ryan and Trump Launch Major Attack On Seniors

    President Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan have been working effortlessly to sabotage the United States. They only care about one thing — power. Recently the Trump admin. has announced several programs they intend to cut. Programs supporting America’s senior citizens are included in their list. Crucial programs like Medicare and Social Security could be cut by […]

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    SIGN THE PETITION – Impeach Donald J. Trump

    Trump is responsible for many scandals as President of the United States in a short amount of time. It’s crystal clear he has no respect for the laws of our nation. From Progress Tribune: Very recently, a Quinnipiac  poll found that Trump’s support among white men going down significantly. As recently as April, the white male […]