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    Mike Flynn’s Attorney Kelner is Going to Give Trump the Business

    Mike Flynn, Trump’s disgraced former National Security Advisor, just brought a wild card into the already dangerous presidential investigation—Robert Kelner.  Kelner is a partner at Covington and Burling, one of the Republican Party’s most loyal firms, having represented the National Committee, Congressional Committee and Senatorial Committee. And he’s also part of team #NeverTrump. Kelner has […]

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    Elizabeth Warren Just Hammered Ivanka Over New White House Position

    Trump’s daughter Ivanka was officially appointed as her father’s Special Assistant vowing to obey government ethics regulations. In response to her new position, many questions have been raised about how she might already be violating laws against nepotism. Occupy Democrats reported: Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-MASS) and Tom Carpenter (D-DE) have sent a letter to the […]

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    Gen. Flynn Offers To Testify Against Trump Under One SHOCKING Condition… Trump Could Be Impeached

    The Wall Street Journal has revealed Trump’s National Security Adviser, Lt. General Michael Flynn, recently volunteered to be interviewed by the FBI and CIC (Congressional Intelligence Committee) who are investigating Trump’s involvement with Russia on the condition he be granted immunity to prosecution. Occupy Democrats reported: Flynn was forced to resign as National Security Advisor in […]

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    Trump Was DEAD Wrong When He Said He Never Worked With Russian Mob – This PROVES He Should Be In Jail

    President Donald Trump likes to boast about being a ‘successful’ businessman. However, the President of the United States would rather you and the American people to remain oblivious to his methods of accumulating wealth. Trump and his company have worked with wealthy Russian businessman and oligarchs from former soviet states in real estate schemes. According […]

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    Trump Just Gained A New Enemy… You Won’t Ever Guess Who

    Ever since Donald Trump was falsely elected President of the United States, it seems he finds a way to spit on American values everyday. In fact, his hateful rhetoric has sent many looking for help, but where have they been turning to? The American Civil Liberty Union (ACLU) has Trump at the top of their […]

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    Betsy DeVos’ Plan To DOOM Students Just Took An Unexpected Turn

    Donald Trump’s appointed Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, doomed American students in what could be the most destructive decision the Trump admin has made yet. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos reversed a rule put in place by former President Barack Obama. The rule protected students from being charged unfair interest fees so long as the […]

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    NY Magazine Reveals How President George W. RAZED Trump’s Inauguration

    Trump’s repulsive nature is clear. No recent presidents, not even republican ones, want anything to do with Trump. In fact, they laugh at him and shake their heads at his incompetence. Early on in Trump’s presidential campaign Donald devoured Jeb Bush, the son of the 41st President of the United States and brother of the […]

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    Russia Just Threatened The U.S. Over Investigations Into Trump

    It seems so many investigations have been launched into Trump’s involvement with the Russians that ever Vladimir Putin is getting nervous. Recent investigations are finally making progress in discovering the truth about Trump and Putin’s relationship. In fact, they’ve gotten so close that Putin has ordered the Kremlin to intervene on Trump’s behalf. Occupy Democrats […]