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    Trump Has Created A Powerful Enemy – This Is The End

    Ever since Donald Trump was falsely elected President of the United States, it seems he finds a way to spit on American values everyday. In fact, his hateful rhetoric has sent many looking for help, but where have they been turning to? The American Civil Liberty Union (ACLU) has Trump at the top of their […]

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    British Parliament Just Placed A BAN On Trump, And He’s Outraged

    Theresa May, the conservative Prime Minister of the UK, took a stand of President Trump. However, the rest of UK Parliament doesn’t seem to share their PM’s view of the Donald. It looks like Trump will be banned from addressing Parliament, and that’s a huge jab at Trump’s arrogance. In fact, it’s never been seen […]

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    Trump Fires US Attorney After Trying To Investigate Foreign Affairs

    Last weekend the entire nation saw the most unethical and tyrannous actions from the most unethical and tyrannous presidents in American history. Trump, with his cronies along side him, fired Preet Bharara (US attorney for the Southern District of NY) who happened to be an attorney of the district in NYC that is home to […]

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    What This Republican Congressman Just Tweeted Has The Whole Country In An UPROAR

    A Twitter war was sparked when GOP congressman, Steve King, tweeted white supremacist rhetoric. While the congressman’s words were unsettling to many, the users of Twitter did not let him go uncorrected. Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies. https://t.co/4nxLipafWO — Steve King (@SteveKingIA) […]

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    ‘House of Cards’ Creator: ‘Trump Is A Threat To National Security’

    Beau Willimon, creator of the ‘House of Cards’ television series expresses his lack of tolerance for the President’s foolish tweets. Willimon, with most Americans in agreement, even pleaded with Twitter to delete Trump’s accounts. Huffington Post reported: In a series of pointed tweets of his own, Willimon charged that Trump’s Twitter presence poses a “national security […]

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    Obama Plans To End Trump, 50 Documents Have Already Been Submitted!

    Former President Barack Obama has begun his own mission to tear down the Trump regime. His team of lawyers are currently working on what is being referred to as “the worst case scenario” in order to put an end to Trump’s fascist administration if they carry on in their abuse of power. Their team is called […]

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    Trump Fires Cheap Shot At Arnold, His Response Was PERFECT

    Trump’s tiny hands are at it again. He just doesn’t know when to quit. As if the President of the United States doesn’t have anything better to do than to pathetically attack public figures on twitter, Trump yet again posted a false hood about Arnold’s voluntary resignation from Celebrity Apprentice. However, Schwarzenegger comes back with […]