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    Celebrity-Filled “Farewell Video” To Obama Will Leave You In Tears

    Well know celebrities like Tom Hanks. Leonardo Di Caprio, Jerry Seinfeld and Ellen Degeneres issued their final farewell to the accomplished President of the United States, Barack Obama, in this heart-touching video. These past eight years have been tough, but because we had a strong and courageous leader we were able to accomplish so much […]

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    Poll: Should President Obama Be Allowed To Run For President A Third Time?

    EVEN MANY DEMOCRATS BELIEVE HILLARY CLINTON WASN’T THE BEST CHOICE FOR AMERICA. HOWEVER, SHE CERTAINLY WOULD HAVE BEEN MUCH BETTER THAN DONALD TRUMP. In hind sight both options should’ve been ignored, and the American people should have risen up to permit Barack Obama to keep office for a third term. Aren’t we a democracy? Shouldn’t […]

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    Obama Soars In Exit Approval Ratings – America Is Shocked

    Republicans claim President Barack Obama is the single worst president the United States has ever seen. However, they have no statistical data to back that up. In fact, the data that is out there goes against their claims, and they’re furious about it. Last month President Obama received at least a 48 percent approval rating […]

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    Obama Takes A Stand Against Fake News

    The war against fake news continues. Obama has had enough of it. Republicans have been feeding the American public nothing but doctored stories for years. If anybody is to blame for this election’s results, it’s them. From Liberal Society: In a farewell interview, Barack Obama the president slammed Fox News and conservative radio host Rush […]

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    Poll: Should Michelle Obama Run For President?

    We’ve accomplished so much under President Barack Obama. Just imagine the possibilities a President Michele Obama would bring to the United States and also the world! Donald Trump is a disgrace and a national embarrassment. It’s a shame the Republicans have torn down our democracy to the point where somebody like Trump was able to […]

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    Arnold Schwarzenegger Takes Stand Against Trump’s Twitter Attacks

    The new “Celebrity Apprentice” host, Arnold Schwarzenegger, took time to respond to Trump’s recent Twitter attacks in the most severely critical way he could. Schwarzenegger reminded Trump to do one simple thing: His job. Donald Trump, the man with the world’s largest ego, turned to twitter to post daily nonsense. Two of these tweets were directed […]

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    Republicans Just Voted To Hide Massive Cost Of Obamacare Repeal From Public

    Ever since it was passed the Republican party has furiously been attempting to repeal Obamacare. However, now that GOP has control of all branches of government, their senseless dream may come true without any replacement. They’re starting a War to Make America Sick Again, and it will be extremely damaging to Americans. Trump and his […]