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    THOUSANDS Of FREE Joints To Be Handed Out At Trump’s Inauguration

    The man who successfully headed the marijuana decriminalization effort in DC in 2014 will be giving out free doobies at Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration. We’ve rolled about a 420 joints so far today! #Trump420 #SmokeSessions #MAGA pic.twitter.com/9CVgNvbvYv — DCMJ (@DCMJ2014) January 3, 2017 Adam Eidinger and DCMJ, his organization, announced they will be handing out […]

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    House Republicans Back Out On Disposing Ethics Watchdog Amidst Public Uproar

    Just after Republicans attempted to get rid of their own ethics oversight and give themselves the authority to ignore their treacherous activities, a wave of backlash and disapproval from their president, Donald Trump, has forced them into a backpedaling. The Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) has made demands it be an nonpartisan body to properly carry […]

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    Black Man Befriends KKK Members…Persuades Them To Change Their Ways

    58-year-old Daryl Davis is a black man who has bared the burdens and hardships of the Civil Rights era, and now he’s doing something most blacks wouldn’t. Davis is responsible for making friends with members of the KKK. How he engaged with them is extraordinary. Davis is achieving what some would consider to be impossible. […]

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    Question: Can Trump Handle His Presidential Duties?

    There’s been many questions raised about Trump’s competence to be President of the United States (arguably the most powerful man in the world), and Trump has given us many reason to conclude he is far from being the person for the job. In fact, recent polls show that over 50 percent of Americans do not […]

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    Trump Considers Laughing-Stock For Secretary of Agriculture

    As we reported to you before, the Trump administration has already been involved in scandals. However, just when we thought they couldn’t be more absurd they find a way to top it all. President-elect Donald Trump has been busy selecting lunatics to hold vital roles in our government. Only destruction awaits. It gets worse, though. […]