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    Medicaid Recipients To Lose Coverage, Republicans Offer “Rewards Coupons” Instead!

    Many Trump supporters have expressed their frustration with the Republican’s handling on the healthcare situation. Healthcare affects senior citizens the most, and it also happens they’re Trump’s largest voting base as well. The Governor of Kentucky has proposed a new form of medicaid. According to the Governor it will function as a rewards program. Buy stuff, […]

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    White House Refuses To Give Up CRUCIAL Flynn Documents To Congress

    The Trump administration has repeatedly denied any involvement with the Russians. However, actions speak louder than words, and so far their actions are telling a very different story. Mother Jones reported: The White House is refusing to provide congressional investigators with some of the documents they’re requesting as part of an investigation into potential Trump […]

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    Rep. Nadler Takes Big Step In Impeachment Of Trump

    Still within the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency, a well-known Democrat has dared to take the first steps in impeaching Trump, formally declaring war on the Trump regime. Rep. Jarrold Nadler (D-NY) filed his “resolution of inquiry” which is used to force the President along with all cabinet and admin members to provide Congress […]

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    Obama Returns Just To Destroy Trump With The Best Jokes Ever

    Ever since leaving office, we have heard much from former President Barack Obama. However, what little we have heard has been priceless. From Bipartisan Report: Obama has spent lots of time out of the public spotlight since leaving office back in January, vacationing to exotic destinations. His Monday appearance at the University of Chicago marks […]

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    Republicans Caught Trying To Sabotage Trump-Russia Investigation

    Republicans don’t give off dishonest vibes for no reason, they’ve built that reputation over the years from despicable acts like this. The Republican party has only their interests in mind, and they will stop at nothing to save Trump’s sinking ship. Occupy Democrats reported: With the House Intelligence Committee investigation finally back on track after the […]

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    Kellyanne Conway Officially A Moron – Fox News Host Can’t Reason With Her

    It still remains unknown why exactly President Trump still listens to somebody like Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s top adviser. To many it’s unsettling somebody so unqualified is advising the President of the United States. What’s more unclear is why she’s so confused as to why Democrats are refusing to help the Republican effort to repeal and […]

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    Republicans are left speechless after crowd demands Trump be imprisoned

    Well that escalated quickly!  A Republican Town Hall meeting was in pandemonium as the crowd called for President Donald Trump’s arrest. The meeting was in Little Rock, Arkansas, a deep red state for sure, and Sen. Tom Cotton Rep. French Hill heard the huge reaction as soon as he started to defend Trump’s foreign policy. […]

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    First 100 Days: Donald Trump fails by his own set expectations

    Donald Trump is notorious for criticizing other people who “don’t get the job done.”  How many people did he fire on The Apprentice for losing and then whining and blaming other people for their own failures? Well it’s about time Trump analyze his own record for the first 100 days of office.  Trump claimed for […]