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    Obama Corrects Republicans Accusations Claiming He’s Responsible For Trump

    Somehow a president has been elected that nobody seems to like… Yes, even Republicans hate Donald Trump, and now they’re pointing their finger at President Barack Obama for supposedly being responsible for the rise of Trump. In this clip, Obama burns down these false accusations. “I have been blamed by Republicans for a lot of things, […]

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    President Trump Spites Endangered California In Most Tyrant Act Yet

    California has had to evacuate approximately 200,000 people from the northern region of the state as the risk of devastating floods grows. Oroville Dam is filled to the top, and it’s spill way, which releases small amounts of water to prevent overflowing, has become overwhelmed.   An important side story: Trump said he would “defund […]

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    Latest Polls Reveal America Would Have Elected President Obama A Third Time

    We knew President Trump was a scam. The amount evidence against Trump’s election was abundant, and judging by the uproar on Nov. 8th, it’s clear President Trump was never supposed to happen. Americans want answers. The numbers you’re about to see prove Donald Trump had no chance of getting elected, unless he had a little […]

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    Canada’s Justin Trudeau Cuts Trump’s Long Handshake Short

    President Trump has an odd obsession with hands. Perhaps it’s because he wishes his hands were bigger. PM of Japan, Shinzo Abe, blew up on the internet after receiving an extremely awkward hand shake from Donald Trump lasting 20 seconds. Awkward? This handshake between Trump and Shinzō Abe lasted 19 seconds, after which Trump said […]

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    Coal Miners Regret Voting For Trump, Terrified To Lose Obamacare

    CNN just recently released a story concerning the health and benefits coal miners receive through the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or more commonly known as Obamacare. The miners in rural Kentucky share three things in common: Everyone of them, either directly or indirectly, is affected by black lung. They all voted for Donald Trump. They […]

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    CBS’ Scott Pelley Just Shredded Trump On Live TV

    We knew President Trump and his administration would only tell the public lies. They had no credibility from the start. To think for a second that Trump has never met with Russia’s Vladimir Putin and they Russia isn’t guilty of tampering with the election would be FOOLISH. It’s surprising how many people brush off the clear […]

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    Sean Spicer: ‘We Only Want The Best And Brightest, Not Hispanics’

    Trump wants to build a wall to keep Hispanics from entering the United States, and then he ‘coincidentally’ excludes Hispanics from his administration. How stupid does President Trump think we are? He expects us to believe he’s not racist towards them after building this track record? That’s not going to happen. Sean Spicer also gave […]