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    Did Trump personally give the order to drop MOAB, the biggest non-nuclear weapon in history?

    When Donald Trump isn’t bombing in press conferences, he’s bombing Syrian military targets, and as usual for Republicans, doing so without Congressional approval.  But did he personally give the order to drop MOAB? This wasn’t just another airstrike—this was the Mother of All Bombs, 21,000 pounds of non-nuclear GBU-43 explosion, the largest non-nuclear weapon ever […]

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    European allies confirm: Trump is dirty and here’s the proof!

    Seven allies are coming forward with new information proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that there was a secret Trump – Russia alliance. The Guardian first reported the story, stating that European allies discovered secret correspondence by Donald Trump’s election campaign team and Russian Federation Agents as far back as 2015. Some US officials […]

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    Guess what world-famous author has joined the Anti-Trump Tax Day Protest?

    Bestselling horror author Stephen King joined the Anti-Trump Tax Day Protest by Twitter—smart move, considering that’s where Trump presumably spends most of his late nights. Come on, chickenshit, if you’re man enough to drop a mega-bomb on Afghanistan, you should be man enough to release your tax returns. — Stephen King (@StephenKing) April 15, 2017 […]

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    Donald Trump’s Wall is falling down, falling down

    So how’s that wall coming along, Trump?  Not very good at all!  Not only is Mexico not paying for the ludicrous wall, but it looks like Republicans are not going to “invest” in the ridiculous project, considering how limited funds already are. According to The Hill, Trump only has funding to build seven miles wall […]

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    Republican Mitch McConnell was just chased off by Kentucky constituents (VIDEO)

    Republican Senator Mitch McConnell should be used to hearing protesters by now, given his history of supporting bogus Republican policies.  But the latest incident at Town Hall left him running for the exit. McConnell spoke at the American Legion Post in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky.  Protesters found Senator McConnell in a town hall meeting and decided to […]

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    The Trump Empire was fined for money laundering!  A Criminal is at large!

    The Trumps were fined $10 million dollars for money laundering crimes and the administration is panicking that this information is getting out! If Trump is already under investigation for corruption, how is a money laundering offense going to reflect on his overall record? According to BR, the Trump Family’s Taj Mahal Casino was fined $10 […]

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    Will Arnold Schwarzenegger terminate the Republican party’s control with his new campaign?

    Former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is starting a non-partisan campaign to end gerrymandering once and for all. Gerrymandering refers to the manipulation of boundaries for an electoral constituency that favors one party—in this case the scheming Republican party. Schwarzenegger’s campaign says it’s time to put Congressional re-districting in the hands of independent commissions. Schwarzenegger wrote that […]