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    Poll: Should Michelle Obama Run For President?

    We’ve accomplished so much under President Barack Obama. Just imagine the possibilities a President Michele Obama would bring to the United States and also the world! Donald Trump is a disgrace and a national embarrassment. It’s a shame the Republicans have torn down our democracy to the point where somebody like Trump was able to […]

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    Arnold Schwarzenegger Takes Stand Against Trump’s Twitter Attacks

    The new “Celebrity Apprentice” host, Arnold Schwarzenegger, took time to respond to Trump’s recent Twitter attacks in the most severely critical way he could. Schwarzenegger reminded Trump to do one simple thing: His job. Donald Trump, the man with the world’s largest ego, turned to twitter to post daily nonsense. Two of these tweets were directed […]

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    Republicans Just Voted To Hide Massive Cost Of Obamacare Repeal From Public

    Ever since it was passed the Republican party has furiously been attempting to repeal Obamacare. However, now that GOP has control of all branches of government, their senseless dream may come true without any replacement. They’re starting a War to Make America Sick Again, and it will be extremely damaging to Americans. Trump and his […]

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    Judge Announces Trial Date For Donald Trump, Refuses To Let Trump Off

    Donald Trump may have bought his way out of the lawsuit brought against him by victims of his Trump University scam, even though he vowed not to, but there are many other lawsuits still pending against him, as well. Trump University has a 98% approval rating. I could have settled but won’t out of principle! […]

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    Former C.I.A. Operative Calls From Trump To Be Replaced Immediately

    In all honesty, what Trump and his merry band have hidden from the public regarding Russia’s influence in our election is considered treason. The Republican party doesn’t want anyone knowing that Russia was assaulting our way of life and influencing the results of the election. I don’t know about you, but it’s terrifying. Have you […]

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    New York Times Makes Unprecedented Move To Combat Trump

    As America comes to terms with the harsh reality of a Donald Trump presidency, The New York Times has added a segment to their publication to combat hate brought on by the racist Donald Trump. The segment will be called, “This Week in Hate.” The featured segment will cover all the hate crimes that have […]

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    Donald Trump Is Furious Over This Viral Photo

    President-elect Donald Trump’s laughable arrogance, pride, and obsession with his appearance – and his insecurities influence his intolerable behavior – are well know by Americans at this point. In November, when Trump met with the media, he ranted about Jeff Zucker of CNN for using “unflattering” picture of him that revealed an embarrassing profile of himself. The […]

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    Republicans Do The Unthinkable – Farewell, First Amendment

    Republicans just made a shocking move against Americans, and they’re furious. Even Trump supporters are regretting their votes. House Republicans voted Tuesday to pass ridiculously pricey fines to lawmakers who attempt protesting on the floor in the House of Representatives. Just as the 115th Congress was sworn in, the House voted 234-193 to pass these […]